What Is Repentance?

Is repentance an act, a state of being, neither, or both?


The Greek word is “metanoia” (literally, “change of mind” or “another mind”).  Thus, the biblical sense of the word is “a new way of thinking.”  Specifically, a way of living for God instead of for self.

If living for self is driving east and living for Christ is driving west, then, theoretically, we could repent only one time in our lives and be done with it.  However, temptations come along and we find that that they keep pulling us east.  Nevertheless, we must keep heading west.  Not NW or SW but due west.  As with driving a car, there can be constant course corrections (even the slight movements right and left we can notice in our own handling of a steering wheel).  But to stay in a state of repentance – which is the goal – we must constantly be pointing ourselves due west, regardless of how many course corrections, U-turns, or slight adjustments that might require.

(Note also that most of the time, it appears most other people are headed east and they usually don’t appreciate anyone going the “wrong” way.  Don’t let it throw you.)

Bible notes on this post.

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