Life Is a Battle…Fought on Foreign Soil

When you’re trying to do the right thing, life is a battle.

When you try to do the moral thing, the loving thing, the selfless thing, you might think things would be easy…but they’re not.  Life is a battle.

Moreover, this battle is fought on foreign soil.  That is, it can seem like the entire world is working against you when all you want to do is the right thing.

Jesus certainly experienced this.  No one wanted to do the right thing more than He did.  No one ever succeeded in doing the right thing more than He did.  And look at what happened to Him.  He was rejected, and rejected in a particularly cruel way.  In fact, the word “excruciating” which we often use to describe our pain comes from the word crucifixion – which He actually experienced.  Maybe we shouldn’t use the word “excruciating” so easily.

What does all this resistance to righteousness mean?  It means that life is a battle fought on foreign soil.  And if you expect it to be otherwise you’re going to constantly be disappointed.  Recognize the world for what it is: a place often hostile to God and to righteousness.  Imitate Jesus.  Overcome the resistance to righteousness by doing the right thing, forgiving others, and showing kindness to everyone.

Even though it’s fought on foreign soil, it’s a battle you can win…if you fight it one day at a time.  Jesus did.  He won daily, and He won ultimately.  You can, too.

Bible notes on this post.

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