The Baby and the Bath Water

What does the church have that’s worth keeping?  The Bible.

What else?  Nothing.

Not buildings, not doctrines (churches are always disagreeing about it anyway), not sacraments (they don’t agree about those either) – and certainly not hierarchy (priests, pastors, popes, bishops, overseers, and every other kind of human rule you can think of).  All these things are useless.  They’re worse than useless: they’re dirty bath water.

Why then is the  Bible the one thing worth keeping?  Because it is the word of God, telling us about Jesus Christ – the one true God. 

It’s true that the Bible says that because of Jesus everyone is going to heaven, but it’s also true that judgment is upon us.  Therefore, repent of your sins, but repent before God – not before people.  Call on the name of Jesus now and live for Him, so that when you die you can face Him gladly and without shame.

Hold fast to the baby (who is no longer a baby!), and throw out the bath water.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

9 Replies to “The Baby and the Bath Water”

  1. Brother, do you believe in infants being baptized? or being baptized after understanding the word of God is your view? just asking your opinion about baptism in the bible….How?

    Thanks alot

  2. Thanks for the post “Baptism is obsolete”..”Communion is obsolete” …and “Life is a Sacrament”….can I use it and would you mind if i copy some of your writings for my study and answering arguments if ever?….Thank you and God Bless you brother.

    1. As I say in the About section of the blog, I do not copyright anything I write in it. Therefore, you are free to copy and use anything I’ve written on this blog in any way that you wish. Any and all of it is yours. Freely I have received, freely I give.

      I am very happy that you value what I value (Psalm 34 :1-3).

  3. Brother, why others don’t want to believe that Jesus is God even there’s a lot of verses in the Bible that proved He is……is there a verse that would make these people be satisfied and make accept Jesus is God?

    1. A person has to have an open and willing heart toward God in order to receive the truths of God. As long as a person’s heart is closed, there is no verse that will be convincing enough.

  4. maybe the LORD grieved in His heart that He created these men with a hardened heart…….hope this blog of yours could help hard headed men to be enlightened….More power to you!

    1. All of us are capable of a hardened heart, and all of us are capable of softening it. Every day – every single day – we should seek to have a tender heart toward Him. A tender heart yesterday will do us no good if we have a hardened heart today. Therefore, even when we have tender hearts toward Him there will arise temptations to harden them – temptations which we must resist and overcome. The Lord will help us do this.

      When we encounter someone with a hardened heart, we must pray for that person. No one keeps a hardened heart forever, for everyone goes to heaven.

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