Organized Religion Separates You from God

 Organized religion is bad for you because it separates you from God.  This is ironic, of course, because they present themselves as able to bring you close to God.

The truth is that each one of us human beings came from God and we are all going back to God when we die.   You don’t get any closer than that, and that closeness is an inheritance belonging to every single one of us.

Yes, there was a time when God chose certain people to represent Him, but that all ended with the close of biblical times.  Those people left the Bible for us as their testimony to God.  Since then, the kingdom of God has been reigning and every human being is on equal footing with Jesus Christ – who was revealed by the Bible to be the God of heaven and earth.

The previously mentioned irony of organized religion is that it purports to bring you closer to God by inserting itself between you and God.  Don’t buy that illogical message.  Call on God today from your heart.  Repent of your selfishness and give yourself back to Him.  He loves you and will welcome you with open arms.  Be as close to Him now as you were when you were born and as you will be when you die.  Just be sincere about it and don’t look for approval to any other human being – me included.  You belong to God!

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join something.

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