Jesus Was More Moral Than Religious

Jesus was kind and generous.  He did good things for people.  In so doing, He always gave glory to God.  However, He did not get along with, or go along with, the religious leaders of His day.  In fact, He was a source of great consternation to them…and they were the objects of His criticism and ridicule.

You’ve probably heard the story about how He drove the money changers and merchants from the temple with a scourge of cords while overturning their tables.  He certainly made no religious friends with that act.

And then there was the time He healed a man who had been lying on a pallet, lame for the previous 38 years.  Did the religious leaders applaud or even acknowledge the kind and practical benefit Jesus had bestowed on the man?  Hardly.  Instead, they condemned the poor man for carrying around his pallet on the Sabbath.  Can you imagine a wheelchair victim being healed today and then people complaining because the person was pushing around their wheelchair a little too wildly?  Organized religion dulls the moral senses.

Jesus is the God of all righteousness, now reigning over heaven and earth.  He came down here for a while to show us how life ought to be lived.  In doing so, He made it clear that morality is His desire – not religiosity.

Bible notes on this post.

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