The Virtues of Unorganized Religion

By “unorganized religion” I simply mean the opposite of organized religion.  That is, unorganized religion is human beings relating directly to God…without any of them being part of any religious group.

The first virtue of unorganized religion is that it is actually organized.  In fact, it is more organized than organized religion.  How can this be?  It is organized by God instead of human beings.  That is, you relate to God without human intermediaries – without a church, mosque, or other group involved.

The second virtue of unorganized religion is that, since it is organized by God Himself, you’ll have someone loving, righteous, and perfect for a spiritual leader: Jesus Christ Himself.

The third virtue of unorganized religion is that you won’t have a human spiritual leader.  This will surely spare you grief – whether some grief or much grief.   

This is just the beginning of the virtues of churchless Christianity.  Serve God and be done with human power structures which operate in His name.  Jesus called this “the kingdom of God.” 

If you just think a thought in His direction, He’ll receive it…and you’ll begin, or resume, a journey of drawing closer and closer to Him.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a group.

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  1. Nice post! The most wonderful thing about this is that nobody can wreck your relationship with G-d, (or with other genuine believers) but you, yourself.

    The bulldozer that organized religion tries to use against this is ‘don’t forsake the gathering together of believers’ or ‘you need fellowship’ ; or ‘no man is an island’; or ‘there is no such thing as lone ranger religion’; etc.

    Even though that line of thinking seems reasonable on the outside, it’s really nothing more than an empty wine skin on the inside.

    We do have order, companionship, we do talk with each other, and we do have fellowship with each other. . . which includes not only the visible, but also far exceeds the prison of the 5 senses. Institution religion truly does not have any ‘child-like’ faith in the Holy Spirit, not does it have any ‘child-like’ faith that the Holy Spirit is able to guide, correct, or teach anyone but themselves.

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