Faith Improves Your Morality

If your faith doesn’t make you more moral, then it is not a faith worth having.  It must be a faith in someone or something other than God, for true faith in God elevates your conscience.  He makes a sick conscience well; He makes a weak conscience strong.

Many people have faith in organized religion and for this reason their faith is not worth having.  Organized religion cannot redeem your conscience.  Only God can.

How does faith in God make you more moral (that is, elevate your conscience)?  By making you aware of a standard of morality higher than your own – a standard that is, in fact, perfect.

People who try to be moral without faith are dealing with an inferior standard – their own.  For this reason they are self-righteous.

People who put their trust in God are constantly calibrating their own consciences to the perfect standard.  They tend to be more merciful and forgiving of people because they know that condemnation of others invites judgment on themselves.

Turn away from your self-righteousness.  Trust in Jesus Christ – the most moral Man who ever lived and the God of all humanity.  In Him your conscience will be continually raised.

Bible notes on this post.

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