Whose Responsibility Is It to Reconcile Science with the Bible?

We hear today from some scientists that the Bible cannot be believed because it cannot be reconciled to science.  How foolish!  The Bible has been around a lot longer than today’s scientists.  It has even been around longer than science’s conclusions.  Consider also that the conclusions of science are not nearly so settled as the Scriptures, for we do see scientific understandings change as new theories are introduced.  The Scriptures have never changed.

It is not the responsibility of the Bible believer to reconcile the Bible to science.  On the contrary, it is the responsibility of the scientist to reconcile science to the Bible.

Science studies the work of God, but science itself is the work of man.  For this reason, it is cannot be infallible.  Indeed, it has proven to be quite fallible.  None of this is to deny the benefits of increasing our scientific understanding.  Great good has come from this endeavor.  But if scientists have gotten themselves into a corner where their findings seem at odds with the Bible, they cannot demand that mankind give up the Bible just because of their predicament.

Of course, there may be perceptions and interpretations of the Bible that scientific understanding has overturned, and that would be fine.  But consider also that there are perceptions and interpretations of the Bible that common sense has overturned as well.  For whatever reason, our understanding of the Bible might change in some ways, but the truth of the Bible never has changed and never will change.

Therefore, when I hear people disparage the reality of Adam and Eve, the miracles of the Exodus, or the sea monster of Jonah, or the signs and wonders of Jesus and His resurrection from the dead – all in the name of science, I don’t worry in the least.  I simply rest in God.  It is not my responsibility to show scientists where their scientific understanding has led them astray.  I’m not a scientist and therefore couldn’t do that for them even if I wanted to.  What I can do is stand fast on the truth of all the Bible says.  Sooner or later, the scientists will come around.  After all, everyone is going to heaven.

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