The Mischief Starts Whenever We Try to Create a People of God

In Biblical times, God was concerned with having a people for His name.  First, He chose Abraham and his descendants.  They became His people, known to the world as the nation of Israel (having been named after Abraham’s grandson).  Then, after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, He chose those who believed in the resurrected Christ (that is, those who had the faith, if not the physical lineage, of Abraham) to be His people.  The first “people of God” bore witness to the acts of God and produced the Old Testament.  The second “people of God” bore witness to the acts of God in Christ and produced the New Testament.  Therefore, in both cases we have solemn written testimony by the people whom God chose.

Since those times, the kingdom of God has come and the Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) serve to describe and explain that kingdom.  Through the kingdom of God, all people are now God’s and He has no more need of a chosen people to bear Him witness because the Bible is complete.  There is no need for more Scripture.  There is only a need for us to heed the Scriptures we have.

Every church, every denomination, every sect, every cult, every Christian group is an attempt to create a people for God.  Stop!  He doesn’t need that or want it anymore.  All you are doing is promoting a “holier than thou” attitude.  We are all the same before God.  We’ve all sinned and need His redemption.  We’re all His children and can count on His redemption.  He is a wonderful, wonderful Father.  Let us please stop trying to make distinctions among ourselves.  He loves the whole human race.  That’s a settled fact, to which the Scriptures bear solemn and eloquent witness.

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