Who Brought Life and Immortality to Light?

Jesus Christ brought life and immortality to light.  Until Him, the world had no true conception of how God might grant us another life after this one.

Until Jesus, the world was shrouded in darkness, ignorant of the plans God had for us.

The Jews knew there was a hope for resurrection, and its prophets painted its outlines in the Old Testament.  But only when Jesus came were these outlines filled in and colored with clarity.

We now know that Everyone Is Going to Heaven, and thus we are all immortal for sure.  But let us never forget the One who brought this truth to reality…and to light:  Jesus of Nazareth, Savior of the whole world.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a group.

2 Replies to “Who Brought Life and Immortality to Light?”

  1. I know what it feels like being ‘shrouded in darkness, ignorant of the plans God’.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ, He pulled me through whenever I was in the darkness, weary and haunted, hopeless and restless.

    And still every time it feels like I am going through hell, the feelings my heart has longed for will shine always inside me after I was in tears.
    [In recent days I was going through hell because I was much afraid that someone wanted to commit suicide. He has been losing faith and it’s killing me slowly since I just don’t want to lose him! I can’t explain it anymore but I was really down on my knees…]

    Indeed, His Love in my Life is always and forever irreplaceable!

  2. There is nothing I’d rather do than walk in the light of the truth, since only there is God’s peaceful love all the time. His gentle love for us will never change even when you and I don’t deserve it.

    There is a secret place nobody knows, as long as one has not entered the light of His truth. Once you have found it, there is harmony inside above the noise of this world – in that moment the everyday spiral of life stops clouding the vision… 😉

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