There Is No Hell Beneath Us – Only Heaven Above

We live in a new creation.  This is not something science can detect for creation incorporates spiritual (that is, non-physical) realities.  The Bible is our most reliable source for this information, which is another way of saying that Jesus of Nazareth, His apostles, and the prophets of ancient Israel are our most reliable sources for this information.

The previous order of creation was heaven above and Hades below (the Hebrews called it Sheol).  The new creation order which Jesus brought in is heaven above us…and nothing below.  That’s why in the old order everyone who died went below – there was no place for us in heaven.  In the new order, everyone ascends to heaven – there’s nowhere else for us to go.

Why the change?  God’s love for us.  “God’s love for who?”  Us.  Human beings.  The whole human race.  That is, just as the whole human race used to descend to Hades at death, now the whole human race ascends to heaven.  That’s the Bible’s story of afterlife.  Of course, there’s a lot more to it – but those are the headlines.

This being the case, let us fall to our knees and thank God for such amazing mercy toward us.  Our sins had caused the problem.  His righteousness provided the answer.  Let us humble ourselves to stop living selfishly and start living in true love toward one another.  Start with your family…then your friends.  Leave no one out.

By the way, do none of this to impress others.  Trying to show everyone else how much better a person you are is counterproductive and unpleasant for everyone.  Live with your heart as an open book to God.  Your heart’s already open to Him anyway – just change what you’ve been writing on it.

(Why was hell never mentioned in either creation order?  Because hell is the judgment we bring on ourselves in this earth when we sin.  It therefore doesn’t have to do with the afterlife – it has to do with this life.  This is another good reason to repent!)

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a group.

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