The Reason to Postpone Death Is Love

Most people put off death for as long as they can because they think this life is all that we have.  The reality is that this life is merely the beginning of a life that will go on forever.

In fact, when you die, life will immediately and immeasurably improve – no matter how good it is down here.  You see, Everyone Is Going to Heaven.

Therefore, death is a blessing and not a curse.

However, this does not mean that you want to hasten it.  For now you have the motive of love to keep you here.  That is, you postpone death so that you can show God’s love to others here on earth who need it.

Your original reason for postponing death was selfish in nature.  Knowing that you are going to heaven means that love has become your motive for any more time that you live on earth.  Isn’t that a lot more energizing?

Bible notes on this post.

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