No One Likes to Lose Things

You don’t like to lose things.  How do I know this?  No one does.  Not even God.

If you lose something – even if it’s relatively unimportant – you still don’t like to lose it.  You’ll bend over to look behind a desk for a lost pen, or you’ll search the entire house for the television remote.  And, of course, the more important something is, the longer you’ll look before giving up the looking.

If finding lost things is important to you, why shouldn’t it be important to God?  And if the more important something is the longer the search should go on, why would God ever give up searching for His lost children?  The answer is that He would never give up.  And since nothing in creation is ever out of God’s sight, nothing is ever lost.  For this reason, Everyone Is Going to Heaven.

Even when Jesus fed the five thousand, He instructed that all the leftovers be gathered up so that “nothing would be lost.”  If God cares that much about a piece of bread, how much more He cares about a human being – for whom the bread exists!

Bible notes on this post.

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