God Planned Our Deliverance from Death a Long Time Ago

God planned that He would deliver you from death long before you were born and certainly long before you did anything good or bad.  Note what this means: God’s love for you is not contingent on your behavior.  This does not mean that your behavior is not important to Him.  On the contrary, it matters very much to Him.  It’s just that He’s not going to reject you if you disappoint Him.  He’s going to keep welcoming you back into His arms every time you return to Him, because that’s how you’ll eventually learn to behave in a way that pleases both you and Him.

God’s plan since the beginning of creation is that He would redeem the entire human race through Jesus Christ.  Not some of the human race – all of it!

If you’re not sure of this, check out Everyone Is Going to Heaven.

Bible notes on this post.

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