Mercy Works

Mercy is an incredibly powerful force.  It is far more powerful than judgment.  Judgment can destroy, as when we criticize harshly and the other person wilts.  Mercy, on the other hand, can create.  That is, mercy can transmit the virtue of the forgiver into the forgiven – where it can grow, and, ultimately, blossom.

It takes far more power to create than to destroy, and this is why mercy is so much more powerful than judgment.

Mercy works like a seed.  It is transmitted in weakness but raised in the power of God.

God’s mercy has worked on us.  He could have judged us but chose to show us mercy that His character traits might take root in us.  For this reason we turn from our selfish ways in order to act more like He does.

If He has been merciful to us, how much more we should be merciful to others.

Bible notes on this post.

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