Which Relationship in Your Life Is Most Important?

Of all the relationships you have, which is the most important to you?  If your relationship with Jesus Christ is not more important to you than any other relationship, then you will fall short of your potential as a human being.  Moreover, all your other relationships will suffer as a result. 

This is to say that a successful relationship with God is foundational to having success in any and all other relationships.  Does this seem strange to you?  There’s no reason it should.  God created you.  You could not possibly function better by being more attached to some other created being than to Him. 

Is your relationship with anyone else besides God suffering?  If so, return to God.  That will begin a healing which will help every other relationship you have. 

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ for those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church, organization, mailing list, or anything else other than Him.

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