Q: You Really Don’t Go to Church Anymore?

A: No, I don’t attend church, and haven’t since 1993.  I was pastoring a church at the time and came to realize the futility of even the best efforts at church building.  A church succeeds when it draws the most money and the most time from the most people.  I got tired of asking people to give, especially once I read the Bible enough to know that God wasn’t asking them to give – at least not to church; He does ask us to give to the poor.  The Lord doesn’t want us to grow churches but rather to grow ourselves: that is, obey Him, which means loving Him and loving each other – without dividing ourselves into religions, denominations, or other groupings.  I am sympathetic to people who go to church to learn about the Lord, His love, and His commandments…but so much that goes on there has little to do with those things.  An hour of listening to your conscience will teach you more about the Lord than a year of listening to sermons (and I used to preach them).  Nevertheless, staying away from church is not the goal; rather, the goal is walking with the Lord all the time.  He is real and He is present.

See Practicing the Presence of God.

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The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ for those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church, organization, mailing list, or anything else other than Him.

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