Sexual Purity Is a Matter of Thought Life

Do not think that you can keep yourself sexually pure without controlling your thought life.  It is impossible.  You can cover up a woman from head to toe and men will still be tempted.  Physical restraints do not deal with the problem at its root.  Temptation occurs in the thoughts.

You might think that you cannot control your thought life but I assure you that you can.  If you can stop yourself from speeding in the sight of a highway patrol car, or stop yourself from shoplifting in front of a police officer, or stop yourself from cussing in front of your mother then you can stop yourself from having an impure mind. 

Here’s how: think every thought with the awareness that Jesus Christ is looking right at you.  That’s all.  That’s enough.  If you love Him, you will not want to think anything that displeases Him.  And you won’t.  You may be tempted, but you will not succumb.  For elaboration, see Walking in the Spirit and Not in the Flesh and Practicing the Presence of God.

Bible notes on this post.

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