Divorce Is Wrong

No one likes divorce.  But if we don’t start hating it – like God does – how will we ever keep it from increasing?

As long as you consider divorce an option, you will not choose your marriage partner carefully enough.  As long as you consider divorce an option, you will never fully devote yourself to repairing and improving the marriage you have. 

Live for Jesus Christ and you will find the power to turn away from divorce and create a beautiful marriage.  He can make the worst marriage into the best marriage – just as He can turn everyday water into the best wine. 

Bible notes on this post.

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2 Replies to “Divorce Is Wrong”

  1. Hey Mike, since Jesus only allowed for divorce if there was adultery involved, does that mean that you think that child molestation, physical abuse, sexual abuse,mental abuse,etc. are not valid reasons for a woman to divorce her husband?
    Do you think physical,sexual,child abuse by the husband are less valid reasons for divorce than adultery? Apparently your Jesus did.

    1. You seem to have a narrow view of what constitutes adultery. I don’t think Jesus shares it. Much of what you mentioned would adulterate the union. In any case, His view can be trusted.

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