Abortion Is Wrong

Everyone knows that abortion is wrong, but some people have defiled their conscience – collectively and singularly – and lost sight of this truth. 

Certainly there are hard cases when it comes to abortion, and unwed mothers deserve our compassion in any case.  But to violate the sanctity of a mother’s womb and kill a child within is unspeakably awful.  The mother’s womb is designed as a place of protection and sanctuary for the child until it can bear the rigors of this life on its own.  It would be horrible to kill the child anywhere, but especially there – where it is most vulnerable, innocent, and in need of defense.

It is sadly ironic that in a day when science has become so advanced that we can view pictures of a child developing in the mother’s womb, we are more and more justifying the extinction of those very lives.

Forgive the abortionists for they know not what they do.  But do not for a moment think that what they do is right.

May God have mercy on us all, and may we turn our hearts toward Him and live for Him as He wants us to lest our land be consumed in plagues that we have brought on ourselves by our sins.

Bible notes on this post.

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4 Replies to “Abortion Is Wrong”

  1. Well Mike, since approximately 15-20 of all pregnancies end in some type of miscarriage(resulting in the death of the fetus) then doesn’t that make your god the greatest abortionist of them all?

    Of course you’ll probably trot out the old “god created life so he can do what he pleases” garbage. Does that make you feel better?

    And of all the millions of fetuses that have been killed by your loving god over the centuries, there are many really interesting survivors–Adolph Hitler,Joseph Stalin,Pol Pot,Osama bin Laden,Jeffery Dahmer,Timothy McViegh,Rev. Jim Jones etc.,etc.,etc.,

    Your god sure has some funny ways of deciding which babies die in their mothers wombs.
    Praise Jesus!!

        1. You’re equivocating and, behind that, contradicting yourself. You need to make up your mind and be consistent: Either you believe abortion is wrong and you’re using that as a basis to say God is wrong, or else you believe abortion is right in which case you can’t use that as a basis for saying God is wrong.

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