Extramarital Sex (Adultery) Is Wrong

Why should we have to say it?  Adultery is wrong; it’s a sin.  We have to say it because our society increasingly contradicts this truth.

Society today does not hold marriage as sacred.  Society has forgotten all the reasons that earlier societies have erected roadblocks and speed bumps to divorce.  Society today is expending great effort to remove those roadblocks and speed bumps.  Yet this is self-destructive.

Adultery tears apart a society by dividing it at the cellular level.  A child is the product of a union between a man and woman.  What happens to the child’s self-identity when that union is violated?  Thus, a society that does not revere marriage destroys itself.

Marriage was designed to be pure.  Let us not adulterate it.

If we have adulterated it – whether in action or in thought – then let us repent and turn to the One who can forgive us and cleanse us and set us back on the path of morality:  our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bible notes on this post.

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