Premarital Sex Is Wrong

Sex before marriage is wrong.  It’s a sin.  It leads to negative consequences, not all of which are immediately apparent.

Modern culture, especially through mass media, accepts and even condones premarital sex.  Abstinence programs are routinely derided by the elite and powerful in society.  “Virgin” is not a term held in high esteem in our schools today.  All this is to our detriment, and particularly to the detriment of our children who deserve better leadership from adults.

God designed sex to be a part of a mature relationship called marriage.  Taken outside of that context, sex becomes a source of momentary pleasure at best and an ongoing source of trouble at worst.  And the trouble is more sure and more abundant than the pleasure.

Stand firm against a world that is headed the wrong way and trying to get everyone else to join them.  Let us exalt sex in marriage; shun it in every other form.

Bible notes on this post.

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