What Is God Like?

What is God like?  Jesus.

Jesus demonstrates to us what God is like because He was God living in human form.

God has a hard time demonstrating to us what He is like as God because, for one thing, God is invisible.  Therefore, He took upon Himself human flesh that we might see up close and personal His kindness, His morality, and His power. 

As God, Jesus has to oversee the world as judge of all its inhabitants.  In Jesus of Nazareth, God takes off His judge’s robes and let’s us see His personality.

What is God like?  Exactly like Jesus. 

Bible notes on this post.

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2 Replies to “What Is God Like?”

  1. No man has seen God and lived. Therefore, how can Jesus be God? Who was Jesus praying to when on earth, himself? Who’s voice was that form heaven when Jesus was baptized?

    1. No man has seen God and lived. Therefore, how can Jesus be God?

      God was hidden in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:18-19). He presented Himself as a man during His earthly life. Only after His resurrection did people begin to recognize Him as having been God in their midst (Matthew 1:23).

      Who was Jesus praying to when on earth, himself?

      In essence, yes.

      Whose voice was that from heaven when Jesus was baptized?


      God had spoken through Moses and the prophets over many generations, and those words had been recorded in the Scriptures. In Jesus, He came to live among us that He might obey His own commands and trust His own promises. He did this to demonstrate His righteousness and show us how to practice it. Once He completed this mission, He returned to heaven – specifically, to the right hand of God. But in the Second Coming of Christ, He reasssumed the throne itself. That is to say, Jesus came the first time as man and the second time as God.

      Whatever Became of Jesus Christ? (book length) lays out the biblical case that Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again (article length). Jesus’ first coming was in the flesh (as a man) but that His second coming was in the spirit (as God).

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