How Do I Repent of My Sins?

If you truly want to repent of your sins – and God wants every one of us to repent of our sins – you should start with what you know is wrong.  Stop doing those things that you know are wrong.  It will not take you long to know what these sins are.  Forsake them!

Then look to Jesus Christ who is the standard of morality to which we must compare ourselves.  Wherever you see discrepancies between your values and His, forsake yours and seek His.  His supreme value is love – that is, the absence of self-seeking.  Therefore, forsake your lusts, your desires, your interests and instead pursue those things that are important to Him.

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Bible notes on this post.

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5 Replies to “How Do I Repent of My Sins?”

  1. I am very grateful that u made this post and your website. I look forward to reading more. I was trying to figure out how to get my soul to christ’s likeness so I typed in ( how do I repent) and here I am. Thank You. Be Blessed.

  2. for a christian it is very scary for me to go about in this world cause i am a sinner……….i am more tempted by sin everyday…..i have sinned alot in my days and i am very ashamed of them, and very scared of my judgment even though i believe in the Lord everyday…..i just pray that in my heart i do believe in the Lord but i am very scared of my judgment from him

  3. To present Jesus Christ “the standard of morality” is to miss Him and the life He brings. He did not come and die and rise again so that we may improve our behavior.
    Calling upon you, Michael, to “repent” (turn away) from a gospel of moralism.
    May we observe those who repented from the New Testament writings?
    Those who forsook their sin-filled living; died to flesh living, to be born anew.

  4. If Jesus Christ is not the standard of morality, who is?

    If Jesus Christ is not calling us to repent and follow Him, what is He calling us to do?

    I do not preach a gospel of moralism. Rather, I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, Savior of the world and Lord of all. To Him be the glory and to Him be the obedience.

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