How Patient Is God?

How patient is God?  I don’t know how to quantify something that great.  However, I do have an example for you. 

Consider God’s appearance to us as Jesus Christ.  He had a point to make to the human race: that we should turn from our sin and turn to Him.  Yet to deliver this message, He first spent nine months in a mother’s womb.  Then He spent thirty years growing up, experiencing family and then work life with all the pressures and challenges that we face.  Only then did He begin His ministry of teaching and delivering His message.  At the end of three or so years of having taught throughout His native country, He was tried and executed on false charges.  While on the cross, He expressed forgiveness for those who had rejected Him and His message – all the while waiting and believing that eventually people would believe.  That’s patience!

What should make us want to imitate Him is that the patience He showed then is till bearing fruit now – two thousand years later.  And it will continue bearing abundant fruit for all eternity. 

Thanks be to God for His incalculable patience!

Bible notes on this post.

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