Do You Want to Be Saved from Your Sins, or Merely from Their Consequences?

Many people struggle in their relationship with God because they don’t really want to be saved from their sins.  Rather, they want to go on living just as they have been – but with fewer negative outcomes.  That’s like saying you want to continue jumping off cliffs but want to be delivered from crashing at the end.

God blesses you not by repealing His laws, but by showing you how to live in accordance with them.  That is, He shows us how to get better outputs from life by offering better inputs.

The mass of humanity simply fails to appreciate the degree to which our sins are the cause of our miseries.  Reduce the sins and you reduce the miseries.

If you will stop focusing on what you are getting out of life and starting focusing more on what you are putting into it – and I mean what you are putting into it morally – then you will begin to get more out of life.

Jesus is Lord.  Let’s live like it.

Bible notes on this post.

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