What’s in a Name…if It’s Jesus?

Normally, parents are the ones who name a child.  In the case of Jesus, however, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and instructed him to name the child “Jesus.”  Of course, Jesus was not just any child but rather the Son of God – which means that His naming wasn’t a departure from tradition after all.  Joseph may have been Mary’s husband, but truly God was this baby’s Father for the angel made clear that what had been conceived in Mary was of the Holy Spirit.  Joseph knew himself well enough, and he knew Mary well enough, and he knew God well enough, that it had to be true. 

The angel gave Joseph a reason for the name: “…for it is He [that is, this Child] who will save His people from their sins.”  The fulfillment of these words would come when Jesus was raised from the dead and enthroned in the heavens as Lord of all.  

Do you want to be saved from  your sins?  If your answer is yes, then Jesus is your Man.  And your God. 

Seek Him.  Now and always.

Bible notes on this post.

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