Shall You Enlist God in the Service of Your Life?

Shall you enlist God in the service of your life or will you be enlisted in the service of God’s life?  Think for a minute and see if a logical answer doesn’t occur to you.

All over the world there are people who have sought to enlist God in the service of their lives.  They want His blessing on their families.  They want His wisdom for their businesses.  They want Him to give a spouse or children or both.  There is nothing wrong with wanting these things but there is something fundamentally backward about approaching God this way. 

All worldly glory fades.  Everyone dies.  There’s nothing permanent to be achieved in this world.  Why then do we seek to enlist God in pursuing our dreams of success in this life?  It not as though He’s ever been impressed by anyone’s worldly success – and He’s seen plenty of it.  It just doesn’t interest Him.  On the contrary, He cares about justice, mercy, faithfulness, and things like these.

The far more appropriate approach to take is for us to let God enlist us in the service of His life.  His life will go on after we leave this world.  His life consists of love which endures all things.  His life consists of values that can give meaning to every day of our earthly lives.  His life transcends the life of the world.

Be a soldier in the life of God.  Live in service to His cause.  Walk humbly with your God and do good in His name. 

Bible notes on this post.

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