Missing the Value of Hypocrisy

There is genuine value to be found in hypocrisy.  Sadly, however, most people miss it.  In fact, they miss it in a dramatically self-destructive way.

A hypocrite, of course, is someone who professes a truth or virtue that they do not practice.  The value to be found in this is the truth or virtue that is expressed.  Therefore, when we hear a hypocrite we should allow ourselves to be reminded of that truth or virtue so that we can practice it.  Instead, most people – and this is the dramatically sad part – choose to focus on the practice.  That is, they say, “That hypocrite is no better than me, but at least I don’t go around sounding like them.”  Thus the person uses the hypocrite’s behavior to justify his own shortcomings.  Moreover, he claims moral superiority on the basis that he does not profess the virtue.  This is like throwing away the banana and eating the peel – only worse.

The next time you notice a hypocrite, dwell on the truth or virtue being proclaimed and stop justifying your own behavior. 

Strive to be as good as the hypocrite professes to be, not as bad as he actually is.

If you think Christians are hypocrites, live up to their ideals – not down to their behavior.  If you do, Jesus will judge you more favorably.

Bible notes on this post.

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