How Important Is Repentance?

How important is repentance?  It’s absolutely critical if you are to have a healthy relationship with God and a life that is successful in His eyes.

Jesus can’t save you from your sins if you don’t repent.  I’m not talking about your going to heaven (for that, see Everyone Is Going to Heaven).  I am talking about Jesus saving you from committing sins.  Surely you want to stop that, don’t you? 

Repenting is returning to God.  It’s acknowledging how far you’ve gone astray from His ways.  Do you think you can walk with God without making this sort of admission to Him?  Do you think you can walk with God without changing your ways? 

You don’t hear much about repentance from preachers today.  You hear them invite you to their churches, or ask you to buy their books.  You don’t, however, often hear them declare that God is demanding repentance from us lest we be judged even more severely for our ongoing rebellion against our Creator.  Nonetheless, it is true that God is calling all of us to repent.

Repentance is your path back to God.  Honor Him by confessing your sins to Him  Don’t make this a public issue; repent before Him in private.  If you’re sincere, people will eventually know something has changed.  Even in that case, however, you are not changing for their notice.  Rather, you are doing it for His.

Don’t shortchange yourself.  Repent as if it was the most important thing you could do with your life.  It is.      

Bible notes on this post.

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