How Important Is Jesus to Our Morality?

How important is Jesus to the morality of our lives?  He’s absolutely central to it. 

Without Jesus we don’t have a true north star.  Any other point of reference is insufficient.  Only Jesus – God in the flesh – presents the perfect righteousness which we must seek. 

Only in Jesus do we see how bad evil is.  That is, it crucified not just an innocent man, but the purest human being who ever lived.  We also see in Jesus just how good goodness is.  That is, it forgives the unwarranted crucifixion. 

In His resurrection from the dead and ascension into heaven, we have Him in a place where all of us can turn to Him simultaneously.  That is, He is not on earth where He could be in part of our lives.  He is in heaven where He can permeate all of our lives. 

We have no hope of truly moral living without Jesus Christ.  We may be able to be better than other humans without Him (though even that is doubtful, for who can judge the human heart?), but we can never be as moral as God wants without the source of all morality – God Himself.

Bible notes on this post.

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