How Does Jesus Save You?

Yesterday, I made clear that Jesus saves us from our sins.  But how does He do that?  He does that by offering Himself as the constant backdrop of our attention.  (I say backdrop because except for times of prayer, something human or at least physical is always in the foreground of your attention.)

As we accept the truth that Jesus is reigning in heaven, we perform all our daily activities in His sight…for His approval.  If there were a video display on our foreheads that visually depicted our every thought, we’d be much more careful about what we thought when we were around other people.  Well, Jesus does not need such a device to know what we are thinking.  If we truly want to please Him we will not think the thoughts that lead to sin.

By constantly looking upon us, He gives us the power to live moral thought lives.  If we think morally, then we will be able to speak morally and act morally.  The stronger our desire to please Him, the greater our ability to live like Him – that is, selflessly.

Think all your thoughts, speak all your words, and do all your deeds with Jesus as the backdrop of your attention.  Whatever is in the foreground of your attention will then receive your love on Jesus’ behalf.  This is the process by which you will observe Jesus saving you from your sins.

Bible notes on this post.

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