Watered-Down Christianity Produces Watered-Down Christians

The Christianity presented in the Bible is a very different sort from what is presented as Christianity in our day.  The good news of Jesus Christ has been watered down to make it palatable to our society.  The result is that we have Christians today who are a very different sort from the Christians we read about in the Bible.

In order to make the gospel acceptable to larger numbers of people, churches omit the demanding aspects of Jesus’ teaching.  Therefore, when you go to church you do not hear very much about His commandments to be selfless, His requirement of repentance, His insistence that we love Him above anyone else, and His instruction that we should give up our lives in order to live His.  Least of all do you hear about the kingdom of God which He brought to replace Israel and the church as His ark of salvation for His people.

Because of this dilution, the gospel message is robbed of its power to transform.  Christians today, by and large, are churchgoers and there’s not much more to it than that.  If you would be a Christian who is not watered down, follow Jesus and seek His kingdom.  But even then, do not take pride in the name “Christian.”  Rather, follow Christ and seek to honor His name.

Bible notes on this post.

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