All Nations Must Repent!

I wrote a few days ago that America Must Repent!  I wrote this because I am an American.  America, however, is not the only nation that must return to God our Creator.  Every nation must repent!  I write this because I am a member of the human race.

This repentance has nothing to do with religion.  It matters not whether you identify yourself as Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, or anything else.  It has to do with righteousness.  That is, morality.  And this morality God cares about is not just a matter of outward actions.  Every thought of the heart is subject to His scrutiny.  (See We Must Repent!)

If you and your nation would avoid increasing calamities, repent of your sins and turn to God.  Purify your hearts.  Do what is right in the sight of a holy Creator.  His demands are not burdensome:  He asks that we treat others as we would like to be treated and that we love Him above every other person or object of affection.  This is not too much for a Creator to ask.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ for those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church.

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