What Are You Doing with the Time Jesus Is Giving You To Repent?

Jesus gives us time to repent.  Sometimes we misinterpret such waiting periods and think that He does not punish sin.  He does.  God wants us to repent so that we do not have to bear the full judgment for our wrongdoings.

God does not bless us in spite of our wicked ways.  Rather, He blesses us by turning us from our wicked ways.

Run to Jesus and experience His protection.  All He asks is that you put away your self-centered life and live as He did – serving those around you.

Do not think that because you have lived a prosperous life that this means you do not have sins worthy of judgment.  God is giving you time to repent.  What are you doing with it?

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ for those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church.

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12 Replies to “What Are You Doing with the Time Jesus Is Giving You To Repent?”

  1. I’m spending my time in Japan where people are not told they are “wicked” and therefore don’t act wicked.

    Simply compare crime stats for the US and Japan. What is it that makes Japanese so much more righteous than Americans?

    Is it because they have Jesus? Certainly not.

    Could it be that, those who are told they are “wicked” will tend to think they are indeed “wicked” and act accordingly? You decide.

    But the proof is in the pudding. I’ve been in Japan for 12+ years, and would rather lose my wallet in a crowded train station here (and I have more than once) than in a church parking lot in the US.

    Jesus lives only in your imagination. You don’t need to repent from being human. Just don’t define “human” as the bible does, and you’ll notice that you won’t be acting “wicked”.

    Don’t let charlatans convince you that you are wicked and can secure an unnecessary redemption by bloodshed. You are a human. You know you care about others. Simply act as you feel. Love and forgive others, unlike a petty god who needs bloodshed before he can forgive.

    1. Your concern for morality is good. It’s the value God would have us care most about – the greatest expression of morality being love.

      Jesus gives every human being a conscience with which to discern good and evil. If the Japanese people are heeding their consciences more than Americans, then that is to their credit and Jesus is pleased. If Christians are hypocritical, it is sad indeed because they have both their conscience and a knowledge of Jesus Christ – and therefore have even less reason to sin.

      Jesus judges each of us according to the light we have. The more we know the right thing to do the more He expects us to do it. Finding someone less moral than we are does not make us more moral. If we are to improve our morality, we must be more more than we ourselves have been. Thus every one of us should repent because every one of us can live more morally than we have been. Whether this is true of every single person in the earth today, I cannot know. But I know it is true of you and me.

      Through Jesus we find the power to be more moral because our desire to please an omniscient and perfect Being generates that power. Loving others when they love us comes naturally and easily to us. However, we need supernatural power to love those who hate us. Jesus provides this power, because this is what He Himself does.

      1. “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” Matthew 7:16.

        Can you imagine a group of bankers with the inside scoop on commodities who are impoverished?

        Now compare the murder rates and divorce rates with any sub-group of 100,000+ christians against the murder rate of a random group of 100,000 Japanese.

        Christianity fails as a source of morality. Don’t attempt to attach your god to the conscience we all have; your god demonstrably fails to provide the deed on this property.

        Incoherently, after first praising Japanese for being morally superior, you then say “Through Jesus we find the power to be more moral…”

        Do you even read your own arguments?

            1. They have Jesus, for it is He who gives them life and breath and being. What they do not have is church culture.

              As the title of this blog implies, I do not ascribe any value to church – only to the Lord Jesus.

  2. “Jesus judges each of us according to the light we have. ”

    Yeah, christians have gotta say that to reconcile the failure of their evangelism in most of the world.

    The Jesus of the gospels endorses mythical Adam. Noah*. young earth*. That’s a tough sell to post enlightenment Japan.

    *Which the Hebrews picked up from the Mesopotamians (Gilgamesh story)

    1. Jesus and His message encountered plenty of skeptics in the 1st Century. So much so that the broader literary and historical world did not even think He or it was worthy to write about until the size of His following became impossible to ignore. Skepticism is skepticism, whether it takes a pre- or post-Enlightenment form. For those who genuinely seek truth, Jesus is always able to break through.

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