America Must Repent!

If America is to have a future anywhere near as wonderful as its past, it must repent of its sins before God.  This means me…and you.  And everyone else.  But mainly me and you, because you and I have the most authority and the most responsibility when it comes to ourselves.

If you see the news and are discouraged by the blatant sins you see trotted out in seeming defiance of God – do not repent of those sins.  Rather, repent of your own sins.  Start with the innermost parts of your heart.  Start with those deep sins that no one can see but you and God alone. 

America has often been spoken of as an exceptional country, and indeed it has been.  But that exceptional status is owed to humble citizens living in quiet obedience to God’s will.  If, however, the righteous evaporate, America will have no more protection from the judgments of God than Sodom and Gomorrah had.

The calamities you see around you now are nothing but preliminaries to greater catastrophes if we do not return to our Maker in humble repentance for our sins.

Bible notes on this post.

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