Kindness and Severity

In our day and in our part of the world, Jesus has come to be viewed as some sort of heavenly teddy bear.  The reality is that He is Almighty God, exercising all power in heaven and on earth.  Not even a sparrow falls to the ground apart from His notice or without His authorization.

We saw only occasional glimpses of His severity during His earthly life – such as when He cleared the temple of money changers.  We must remember, however, that His role in the earth was to show us how to live as human beings.  We are not God and have no business judging.  God, however, has not just the right, but the responsibility to judge what takes place in creation.  Therefore, having returned to heaven to rule and reign once again, Jesus is as responsible for the judgments that we see in the earth as He is the blessings.

Therefore, if you would flee the judgments and enjoy the blessings, then turn to Him for His constant direction.  Do not try to live an earthly life removed from His guidance.  It is just not safe.  Even though Everyone Is Going to Heaven, it’s also true that Judgment Is Upon Us.  Seek God and His blessings.  Turn from your life of selfishness and live out your love for Him.

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