What Makes God Tick?

To see Jesus behave is to see how God would behave if He were a human being.  To hear Jesus tell us how to live is to hear what motivates God to live.  For example, when Jesus says “Whenever someone slaps you on the cheek, turn the other to him,”  He is not just giving us an instruction.  He’s telling us how God handles insults.  God doesn’t slap back.  He turns the other cheek. 

The commandments of God, therefore,  are an explanation of what makes God tick.  They are the expression of His nature, His character, His motives.  Through His commandments, He tells us to do the things that He Himself believes in and adheres to.  We can be sure that anything God tells us to do is something He Himself does, and something that is a reflection of His inner value system.

Because all God’s commandments can be summed up in the word “love,” we know that God is love.  He thinks in a loving way.  He speaks from a loving heart.  He acts with love as His goal. 

Love does not seek its own good, but that of others.  Therefore, God is always seeking to benefit others in everything He thinks, says, and does.  Although many qualities can characterize God – kindness, patience, justice, holiness – yet love is at the center of them all. 

Love explains God and God explains love.

Bible notes on this post.

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