What If You Repented of Only the Sins God Can See?

Let’s say you are thinking about repenting of your sins.  Let us, for the moment, exclude from consideration any sin or repentance that other people would see.  That leaves only those sins of which God alone is aware. 

These sins would include all the secrets of your heart.  The things that no one else knows and can never find out – or that you hope they never find out. 

Do you have those private sins in mind now?  Good.

Now repent of these sins first and you will then find the strength to repent of all others.  Many people do the opposite.  That is, they decide to begin repentance with those sins seen by others.  Because their focus is on other people instead of God, they do not find the strength to fully cleanse their hearts – where all evil starts.

Wash your heart of sin and your actions will of a consequence become clean as well.  Do not be someone who only washes the outside.

Bible notes on this post.

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