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Do think that you know all of Jesus there is to know?  There is always more to know of Him.  There is no end to the riches of His character, power, and being.

The more you obey Jesus’ commandments to love God and love people, the more you will know Him.  The reason for this is that He keeps His own commandments and therefore when you obey Him you experience in life what He experiences in life.  Another way of saying this is that His commandments are simply a description of the way He thinks and acts.  When you think and act like Him, you experience life as it feels to Him.

You must yearn for more of Jesus.  There are many forces at work in the world to discourage you from this yearning.  Therefore, you must keep your desire to know Him strong.

There are times in life when we do the right thing and are persecuted for it.  This happens to God all the time.  The crucifixion of Jesus was but the consummate example of it. 

Wie are not to seek persecution, but neither are we to be afraid of it.  Godliness is always persecuted in this world, but God is your constant protection from any lasting harm.

Do not be afraid to live the life He lived and you will by that process come to know more of Him.

Do you only want to know a little of Jesus?  Then you shall only know a little.  Do you want to know a lot of Him – then you will know a lot.

The choice is yours.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ for those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church.

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  1. Yes, nice post! Reminds me of the quote, “Being a Christian doesn’t mean you won’t have any hardships but it means you never need to go through them alone.

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