Are You Inspired by Jesus Christ?

Are you inspired by God?  Are you inspired by Jesus Christ?

We are often inspired when we see heroic human beings.  Some are athletes who excel through discipline and endurance.  Some are handicapped, who must overcome difficulties that the able-bodied do not even have to face.  Some are regular persons who have overcome hardship after hardship to achieve some worthy goal.

If we study God, we will constantly find reason for such inspiration.

For example, practically every morning a beautiful sunrise greets every human being.   Not just the good human beings, but the evil ones, too.  God is giving everyone reason and time to repent.  How does He have such discipline and endurance to continually offer mercy to people who reject it day after day after day?

Another example is the crucifixion of Christ.  He was submitting to death for the sake of the very people who were murdering Him.  His purpose in undergoing all that was to bring a blessing upon those people.  Why was He willing to accept such hardship? 

God achieves all His goals through great difficulty and hardship – yet He never complains.  He stays focused on His course and overcomes all challenges.  This is why He is always ultimately victorious.

We do not see the heroism of God because we do not take the time to look.  If you take the time, however, you will see something of Him every day that will inspire you to imitate Him.  His life is not as easy as you have supposed.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ for those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church.

One Reply to “Are You Inspired by Jesus Christ?”

  1. And as for your article above: once again so inspired…beautifully written, Mike 🙂

    When I’m lost I find that His really special Love from above is the truth that can set me free. When I surrender and let go in life I have chosen to only live that special faith given by divine grace through the love of Jesus. One reason I love Him is the love He shows when I’m complicated or even misbehave (wondering why He simply replies every spare moment to my little prayers).

    Nevertheless, any word to emphasize or describe the Love that’s in between Him and us would fail. However, through the Holy Spirit we have an ‘easy access to Love’ (Rom 5:2, Eph 2:18), with ‘no seat belt and no need to buckle up’ 😉

    Honestly, though I hardly can believe it, in the past few years Jesus always helped me to overcome difficulties through prayer and love (I thank God for being my hero), until there were no problems at all…

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