You Have No Need of Anyone But God To Teach You

You do not need a human teacher.  This, of course, includes me.  God Himself will teach you everything you need to know about righteousness.

Some people go to human teachers because they find it too troublesome to go to God.  This is foolishness.

God loves you as a father loves his child.  He wants to show you the way to live just as He lived when He walked the earth as Jesus of Nazareth.

He will make you to know and understand the simple and important things in life.

All of God’s teaching begins with reverence toward Him.  Revere Him wholeheartedly and throw off your dependence on human teachers.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ for those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church.

6 Replies to “You Have No Need of Anyone But God To Teach You”

  1. Are they helpful though? Certainly you can’t deny that if I read theology or apologetic books by human “teachers” my faith can/will grow. What if God wants to use a human teacher in our lives to teach us more than we could teach ourselves? This reminds me of the joke about the man who is in the ocean drowning and a boat comes along and tries to help him, but he replies that he doesn’t need help and that God will save him. Another boat comes along, yet his response was the same. A third boat attempts to help, and again they are rejected… the man drowns and goes to heaven. Upon arrival, he asks God why he didn’t save him. God’s reply, “I sent you three boats…”

    My point is that God uses people sometimes. He clearly used Paul, Timothy, other church fathers, the apostles, etc. to teach others. I am not saying that we can’t learn on our own, but that I don’t think we should limit the means by which God can teach us things. It could be through special revelation, but most of us don’t experience direct words from God, as we are not all prophets. Sometimes we can learn from nature, an epiphany of sorts while looking at a sunset, or in the case of Francis Collins, a waterfall. Other times it might be a life experience, such as a breakup or death of a close friend.

    There is a place, certainly, for learning from God through prayer and personal communication and time spent with Him. I do not deny this. But it is hard for me to imagine my faith being as strong as it is without people like my youth minister, (I’m 20, junior in college), worship leader, and people like William Lane Craig, Alvin Plantinga, Mark Driscoll, Norman Geisler, etc. Without them, I am not who I am today, I may have even fallen from the faith entirely, and in that case, they certainly helped me find the right path.

    1. There is no doubt that we benefit from others in the Lord. However, the Lord must be our supreme teacher and if we only know Him through others then we don’t know Him well enough.

  2. ‘…No Need of Anyone But God…’

    Sorry for dismembering your headline, Mike. 😉
    You’re right as to our need of human teachers: being taught by God is a matter of priority. Also, regarding our every need in general:

    When all hope is gone, pain is too much, and the heart is on search to get through… And then we, indeed, need Him there… He will be there for me/us/everyone.

    On God we can rely. Always and forever!

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