Do You Have a Listening Heart or a Yakking Heart?

God made our hearts to listen to Him. 

If our hearts are yakking with thoughts of worldly concerns and worries, we make it much harder for ourselves to hear Him.  Thus we lose our souls, for our minds are given over to thoughts of things over which we have no control.

The busyness we see in the world today is but a reflection of the busyness of our hearts.  If we would hear our Master’s voice, we must calm our hearts. 

The best way to quiet our hearts is to return to thoughts of Him.  Jesus Christ – Shepherd of all humanity, the Forgiver of our sins.  In the light of His power, eternity, and love, what do we have to fret over?

Calm your heart, and listen to Jesus.  Always.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ for those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church.

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