Heavenly Values Versus Earthly Values

Consider the time you spent in your mother’s womb relative to the time you have spent in the earth since then.  The former is but a fraction of the latter. 

Now consider the entire time you have spent and might yet spend on the earth relative to the time you will spend for eternity in heaven.  This former is as a fraction of the latter, too – only, in this case, an infinitely smaller fraction of the latter.

Since the time you spend on earth is comparatively short, and preliminary to your life in heaven, what sort of life ought you to be living here to prepare you for the one you’ll live there?  If you’ll spend even a little time thinking seriously about this, you’ll gain a greater understanding of why Jesus lived the way He did.  Go to Him now and ask His help, just as He went to His Father to ask His help.

Bible notes on this post.

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