God Can Turn Your Defeats into Victories

Prior to Jesus Christ, death was the worst thing that could happen to a human being.  Through Jesus Christ, it has now become the best thing that could happen to a human being.  Why?  Because Jesus Christ has made death the gateway to heaven.

Prior to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection from the dead, death separated us from God.  However, through Christ’s resurrection we have gained our entrance into heaven at death and will therefore be closer to God after we die than we were before!

If Jesus can so transform humanity’s greatest enemy, death, how much more He can transform the failures in your life into great triumphs!

See every setback in life as an opportunity to show the love of God to the people around you.  God does not care about worldly achievement; He cares about how much mercy you show others.  Let every troubling experience in life lead you to God instead of away from Him and you will cease to know the bitterness of defeat.  Instead, you will move from one victory to the next.  This is the power of the kingdom of God, which is in our midst.

Ignore the world’s definition of success and live for your Heavenly Father’s definition of success:  Love.

Bible notes on this post.

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