Jesus Has Turned the Curse of Death Into a Blessing

Before Jesus, death was a curse to humanity for its disobedience to God. 

Death led below – away from God.  Death was also separation from people.  Death casts its shadow on all human activity.  No matter how well life went, or how long it lasted, human beings knew they were going to die.

Then came Jesus who redeemed us from the curse of death.  He died and rose again – to everlasting life in heaven.  He promised to take everyone who died to that same place.  At His Second Coming (see Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again in the Introduction to this blog), Jesus accomplished this – establishing a new heavens and earth.  From that point on, everyone who has died or wil die ascends to heaven to be with Him.

Thus what was a curse has come to be a blessing.  Instead of taking us farther away from God, death takes us closer to Him.  Instead of marking the end of life, it marks the beginning of indestructible life.  Instead of being a transition to oblivion, death is now a transition to full light and life.

Do not fear death.  It is  blessing.  Neither seek it, however, for that would be a curse.  Why?  That’s not the way of love.

Bible notes on this post.

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