Clear Out the Old to Make Room for the New

Many times we cannot receive what God wants to bestow in our hearts because there is not enough room.  That is, our hearts are crowded with things that don’t matter anymore. 

Of course, we know we cannot maintain unresolved thoughts and feelings of bitterness or any form of unforgiveness.  Neither can we harbor greed, lust, envy, or any other sinful attitude and expect God to find room to plant His word and His blessings in our hearts.  These obstacles, however, are obvious.  Less obvious are the old ideas, old ways of thinking, old experiences which clutter our hearts and do not help us walk with God.

Jesus Christ taught us to live as He did: one day at a time.  Yesterday is gone; we will never retrieve it.  Tomorrow is not here; there is no way to live it.  Today is what we have.  It is obvious by the fact that God makes us to need sleep that He wanted us to live one day at a time.  Clear out anything from the past that keeps God from doing a new thing in your heart today.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church or any other group.

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