Spiritual Songs or Sensual Songs?

There are sensual songs and there are spiritual songs.  They are very different.

The difference that makes a song spiritual rather than sensual is not found in the lyrics (as if lyrics about God mean it’s spiritual but otherwise it’s sensual).  It is found in the means by which the song is sung.  That is, is it sung from the lips or is it sung from the heart?

Churches today are full of people singing sensual songs who think they are singing spiritual songs.  (Whether the musical style is contemporary or traditional is irrelevant to this point.)  If these were spiritual songs, then people would be singing them all week long, not just in church.  If they were spiritual songs, they would be filling attitudes not buildings.  As it is, these songs are mainly sensual because they possess all the same elements as music on the radio: things that make it pleasing to the ear. 

If you are singing truly spiritual songs then your heart is singing even when your mouth is not open.  A poet would say that a heart in love makes a sweet sound to anyone who’s listening.  Love the Lord in this way and that’s a spiritual song.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with singing to the Lord with our lips.  If the songs stop and end there, however, you should repent. 

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