Why It Feels Good to Volunteer

One of the reasons that people volunteer to help others around holiday time is that it feels so good.  That is, one’s soul often becomes flush with positive sensations while, say, serving in a soup kitchen for the indigent.  People will say, “This just feels so good!”

This experience is the Lord blessing the person’s soul with joy and peace.  It is a result of the person practicing the Lord’s commandment that we treat others as we would like to be treated, and especially that we help the poor.

You do not have to serve in a soup kitchen to achieve such feelings.  The Lord is interested in passing out these feelings all day long as we pursue His will instead of our own. 

Volunteer to overlook the way someone slighted you today.  Volunteer to seek someone else’s career advancement over your own.  Volunteer to seek the pleasures of the Lord instead of what you like to do.  While we should always help the poor, we do not need a  poor person, a soup kitchen, or a holiday to volunteer kindness to the world around us.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church or any other group.

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