If God Were with Me, Then…

Do you think that if God were with you, your life wouldn’t have problems?  How about Joseph and Mary?  God was with them and look at their condition.  No room at the inn.  Baby about to be born any minute.  The stench and refuse of animals all around.  Yet, they were rich in the eyes of God and all heaven was ablaze with angels trumpeting what God was doing through them.

The life of Jesus Christ demonstrates to us vividly that our imaginations of a life lived close to God are frequently off base.  Life with God is not a life free of difficulty.  Rather, it’s a life in which difficulty is always overcome.  It’s a life where difficulty is met with patience and grace.  It’s a life where spiritual goals cannot be blocked by physical obstacles.

Do not say, “If God were with me, then…”  Say, “God is with me, therefore…”

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church or any other group.

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One Reply to “If God Were with Me, Then…”

  1. On the one hand, I sometimes wish to have ‘a life free of difficulty’. Yet on the other hand, I often realize in hindsight that I just learned spiritually the most through living in difficult circumstances (patience for example, as you mentioned in your posting).

    Though Jesus knew what hardships He would meet in His life …an ocean or two couldn’t keep Him away from humanity, that is, from becoming man on our behalf.

    In fact, physical obstacles may be a serious burden, and nobody would have more empathy with us when we suffer than our Lord who even overcame death for us, so that we can live with Him in the spirit despite our many problems we might still have. The Holy Spirit Christ gives is the best comforter we could have.

    Some reasons why this is true for me:

    (1) He really makes me forget all my negative circumstances because:
    He is the key to set our heart and spirit free, so that we can touch the sky when flying in His Spirit high. 😉
    (2 There is no one in this world who can give forever love like He can.
    (3) More than anyone He is the One that makes my life complete [by providing what I need indeed ; ) ]

    Yes, there are times when I think, “He is always everywhere but I wish He were here!” I mean, not only in the spirit but seeing Him face to face. And still one may never know how much more God wants us near…

    Well, it’s a long way up until we can watch the world and leave it behind (that is, hurt). So, when I am tempted to feel low by looking at difficult circumstances instead of looking at Christ in the spirit, I try to remember the good times in my life, try to be thankful, and to encourage myself by saying, ”Don’t bottle it, just have a smile stretched from ear to ear!” 🙂 🙂

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